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GripShape is making robot gripper fingers easier than ever to design and purchase.  We offer different levels of service including: User Designed with the GripShape configurator, Design Optimized for fine-tuning adjustments by a specialist, or GripShape Solutions for full design and manufacturing services.

User Designed

Parasolid CAD File

$39 / Download

Prototype Finger Set

Starting at $189

3D Printed Finger Set

Starting at $359

CNC Machined Finger Set

Starting at $599

Design Optimized

The configurator is a flexible tool, but if your gripper fingers require revisions or other design optimization, then request a quote in the purchasing section of the configurator and complete the form.  Fairlane will review your design, provide basic feedback and quote the requested revisions.

This option includes a parasolid CAD model, prototype finger set and/or a production ready finger set.  Examples of design revisions range from incorporating a user's workpiece, to adding basic features for part centering.

GripShape Solutions

For many applications, designing functional robot gripper fingers can be complex and sensitive.  GripShape Solutions is for applications and customers who require full service gripper design.

An engineer will work with you to understand the specifics of your application and help design a gripper for your project.

Contact us

  • 1-800-548-2935 (M–F 8am – 5pm)
  • Fairlane Products
  • 33792 Doreka Dr. Fraser, Michigan 48026 USA

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is GripShape?

    GripShape is a product offering of robotic gripper fingers from Michigan-based manufacturer, Fairlane Products. The GripShape configurator is an intuitive application for users to design their own custom robot gripper fingers.

  • I'm new, where should I start?

    You're in the right place!  In addition to these FAQs, tool tips within the configurator can be found by clicking the ? icon on the top right of each panel.  These areas will describe important information about the configurable options.

  • What gripper modules are compatible with GripShape fingers?

    You will find gripper modules from leading manufacturers.  We will add new modules based on customer feedback and support we recieve from module manufacturers.  Let us know what you would like to see.

  • Can I get gripper fingers even if my module is not available?

    Yes.  Select the configurator option for "My Gripper Module Is Not Listed" and follow the REQUEST A QUOTE instructions.

  • How do I upload my workpiece?

    Send us your workpiece and we'll insert it into your design.  This is a GripShape Design Optimized option.

  • What does it cost to use GripShape?

    The GripShape configurator is free to use.  Outside of the application, we offer design services and manufacturing of the products you create.

  • How do I know if I’m making a good design?

    Designing functional robot gripper fingers can be complex and sensitive. An iterative process is typically used to validate designs and arrive at an optimal solution.  GripShape offers an easy and economical way for users to review their design within the configurator and physically evaluate their design with a low cost prototype finger set.

  • What is a prototype finger set?

    For finger designs intended to be machined from aluminum or steel, GripShape offers a 3D printed prototye set for fitting and evaluation purposes.  This set allows users to confirm clearances around the work area and workpiece without the need to involve CAD software.  These fingers are high resolution 3D prints in PA12 material.

  • Will Fairlane review my design?

    Yes.  If your finger requires revisions or other design optimization, select REQUEST A QUOTE in the purchasing section of the configurator and complete the form.  Fairlane will review your design and provide basic feedback as well as perform the revisions.  If you are interested in our most comprehensive service, GripShape Solutions, an engineer can discuss your complete application to help design a solution.

  • What is GripShape Solutions?

    GripShape Solutions is for complex applications and customers who require a full service gripper design.  An engineer will work with you to understand the specifics of your application and help design a gripper for your project.

  • What if my design only needs minor modifications?

    If the modifications are basic, then GripShape Design Optimized is for you.  Examples include incorporating a user's workpiece, mounting options for alternative gripper modules and adding lead-in chamfers for easy part centering.

  • What is GripShape Design Optimized?

    Design Optimized options include basic revisions for fine-tuning the gripper finger function.  Examples include basic finger fitting to a user's workpiece, modifying cut reliefs, adding material for extra strength, modifying internal or external chamfers and other size adjustments that cannot be completed in the configurator.

  • How long do Design Optimized revisions take?

    Typically, the revision process takes a few days to complete.  Someone will contact you within 24 hours of Fairlane's normal business hours M-F 7am-5pm.

  • What is a "representative workpiece?"

    A standard, configurable workpiece that allows the user to design gripper fingers without having a CAD file of the actual workpiece.  It is only important that the areas within the grasp region of the fingers are accurately represented.

  • What if I cannot make a good "representative workpiece?"

    If your actual workpiece has unique features that are critical to securely grasping the part then send us your workpiece and we'll insert it into your design.

  • How do I make changes to a CAD model I already downloaded?

    The downloaded parasolid CAD file can be edited in your own CAD software.  Alternatively, in the GripShape configurator you can copy a previous purchase into a new design from the order history page. Select the REORDER option and EDIT the design as a new copy.

  • Are CAD downloads 3D printer ready?

    While the download option provides a parasolid CAD file, which can be imported into any 3D printer slicer, it is mainly for the purpose of validating the design within your own CAD software. When purchasing a 3D print from Fairlane, the design undergoes an optimization review before it is printed.

  • How do I know if 3D-printed PA12 is right for my application?

    There are many factors to consider, however, the relatively low cost to print in PA12 offers good opportunity to test and evaluate. PA12 is suited for applications requiring weight savings and relatively low forces. It is not suited for high temperatures, harsh chemicals, high impact situations or thin cross sections.

  • I have feedback, where do I send it?

    Your feedback is valuable to the development of GripShape.  We are excited about improving the configurator and adding features based on your feedback.  Submit your comments in the contact form on this page or within the configurator by selecting the ? icon on the right side menu.

  • How long did it take to make GripShape?

    Two years.